With more than four decades of lending experience, Greemann Capital originates, underwrites, packages, negotiates, closes and services commercial mortgage loans. We are committed to our clients and in continuing our mission statement “to set the standard for excellence in commercial real estate finance.”

As Greemann Capital evolved over the years it went through a few name changes, all the while retaining the leadership of Harvey W. Greemann in Grand Rapids.  The company began as Proctor & Associates in 1987 with Harvey Greemann (Grand Rapids), and three principals in Bloomfield Hills.  Over the next 9 years, Proctor & Associates grew to be a market leader with a significant servicing portfolio.  When the principals sold the company in 1996 to Washington Mortgage Financial, the company became WMF Proctor as part of The WMF Group.

In December, 2000 The WMF Group was sold to Prudential.  Rather than stay with Prudential, the original principals of Proctor & Associates purchased the company back and operated as Proctor Group with two separate but related entities in Grand Rapids and Bloomfield Hills throughout 2001. In 2002, the Grand Rapids office of Proctor Group became fully independent and changed its name to Greemann Capital.

Throughout this evolution, Greemann Capital has maintained and expanded its vast sources of mortgage capital and continued to expand staff to provide you with the best mortgage financing options for all commercial property types.